Values and Protocols

Atighehchi Management Consulting Office

Atighehchi Management Consulting Office

Independence. We are non-partisan and do not bring our or third parties' interests into the equation. It is in our DNA, but we have seen many practices struggle here. We understand the politics but do not affiliate with any specific interest group. Easier said than done in Iran. Our focus is providing fundamental problem solving capacity and implementation support, including political analysis.

Confidentiality. Data, affairs, plans, mindset and positioning of each client are their private matter, and under no circumstances are divulged to third parties.

Ethics. The client opens up in hopes we assist in solving complex problems and creating new opportunities. We are careful this exposure is strictly limited to client-consultant space, and is by no means taken advantage of either involuntarily or by design. We also project our ethics profile onto our environmental and social practices.

Scientific rigour. We are equipped with cutting-edge know-how in various disciplines and we, exclusively, promote and use methods either of high scientific rigour or proven empirically.

Expertism. We differentiate markedly between novices and experts at conceptual, epistemological and ontological levels. We believe, as Einstein put it well, "everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler than it is."